We are an agent of “TRIVENI” Steam Turbine Generator from India who is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of steam turbines ranging up to 100 MW for providing renewable power solution specifically for Biomass, Sugar & Process Co-generation, Waste-to-energy and District Heating. Over 4,000 turbines in 70 countries around the world was installed by Triveni, that have guaranteed the professionalism of them. The demand for higher efficiencies and lower costs are rising continuously. We understand that totally, so we are ready to serve you not only the better operating efficiencies, long term reliability, maximum availability equipment, but also extend operating life to maximize return on your investment.

Main Product  Triveni design, manufacture and supply industrial steam turbines up to 100 MW with the flexibility to meet customer requirements for today and tomorrow. Our commitment to set benchmarks for reliability and robustness of turbines has resulted in bringing world-class turbine solutions to our customers globally.

Product Range 

Triveni Turbines offers robust back-pressure and condensing steam turbines up to 100 MW that work across a wide range of pressure and flow applications.

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UP TO 100 MW RANGE (ขนาดไม่เกิน 100 MW)
Condensing Steam Turbines Back Pressure Steam Turbines
Types     – Straight Condensing Type

    – Extraction Condensing Type

    – Bleed Condensing Type

    – Injection Condensing Type

  – Straight Back Pressure Type

  – Extraction Back Pressure Type

  – Bleed Back Pressure Type

  Power Generation Capacity   Up to 30 MW   Up to 30 MW
  Steam Inlet Temperature   Up to 545°C   Up to 545°C
  Steam Inlet Pressure   Up to 120 Bar(a)   Up to 120 Bar(a)

Up to 100 MW Standard scope includes Supply and Commissioning of : 


      • Steam turbine and its control system 
      • Control oil system
      • Lubricating oil system
      • Condensing system (as applicable) 
      • Gear box 
      • Alternator 
      • Electrical metering/control/protection system 
      • Turbovisory system 


Upgrading and Repairing  


Triveni upgrading and repairing team has made its mark in the business and is able to handle any turbine irrespective of age and breathe life into it. From a health check to efficiency improvement or process correction, the Triveni team can handle the entire spectrum of business and give the customer the confidence as an OEM of the performance capabilities.


Used Diesel Generator  


Additionally  We can supply Used  Diesel Generator for  continuous or emergency at 

the capacity  from 100 Kw up to  2,000 Kw. We can provide  used diesel generator 

equipment or supply used diesel generator complete with installation at job site. 

      • Cummins Diesel Generator
      • CAT Diesel Generator
      • Etc.
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