Packing Seal 

With more than 20 years history and experience of manufacturer, They are engaged in producing a large variety of the packing material, gasket sheet and the sealing solutions. The manufacturer unceasingly uses the new technology and material to satisfy the customers requirement. Thanks to its product quality passes through the ISO 9002 Exportation authentication and the European Union CE standard of security, The manufacturer is distributing the customer-satisfactory product to more than 20 countries.


Packing Seal

We are carefully sort and compound braiding fiber material suitable for different applications and working conditions. Thanks to our innovation impregnation process makes the high dispersible and high temperature resistant lubricants penetrate into each fiber. And also the advanced post treatment technology keep uniform quality in each part of our products. We offers a full range of products complete with variety of fiber materials in order to serve for every industrial applications.

  • Asbestos fiber with Graphite
  • Asbestos fiber with Graphite Inconel
  • Asbestos fiber with PTFE
  • Graphite fiber
  • Carbon fiber
  • Carbon Graphite fiber
  • PTFE fiber
  • Graphite PTFE fiber
  • Aramid fiber
  • Acrylic fiber
  • Ramie fiber
  • And Etc.
Spiral wound gasket

This product is formed of V-shaped metallic stripe and soft non metallic filler by means of plied, spiral wound and connected its end and beginning by dot welded. Depend on its excellent compression resilience it is suitable for sealing spots where the alternation of temperature and pressure are frequent. It can be used as the static sealing element of pipe, valve, pump, thermal exchange, condensing tower, plain hole and manhole of flange and etc.  The ANSI Standard, DIN Standard, JIS Standard are available upon request. The styles of spiral wound are Hoop only,  Hoop with inner ring, Hoop with outer ring and Hoop with inner and outer ring.