Insulation Jacket
Insulation Jacket

We are specialized in soft insulation jacket, tailor-made design to suit to customer requirement and can be fit to machinery and plant equipment such as steam turbine, pump, valve and etc. The product are soft, flexible, usable, protect your skin for itching material, cost effective, easy installation and easy removal for maintenance. We are able to supply insulation jacket according to temperature required, process area, application or as per customer requirement.

The cover material are mainly made from Glass fiber coated silicone and Silica cloth.
The filling material are made from Rockwool or Ceramic Fiber Blanket for different thickness and temperature requirement  as per customer requirement.

  • Rock wool temp 350-650 C at density 60-100 kg/m3
  • Ceramic fiber blanket temp 1260-1400 C at density 96-160 kg/m3


The main application
  • Steam turbine generator
  • High temperature pump, Boiler feed pump
  • High temperature valve
  • Flange, piping and hose
  • Insulation curtain
  • Expansion joint insulation
  • Silencer
  • Plastic extruder
  • And etc.



We can provide many type of fiberglass product such as cloth, tape, rope, braid, tadpole, sleeve and custom made product.



We can provide high temperature silica product such as cloth, tape , insulation fire curtain or custom made product.

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