We are an agent of “MAGTORQ” Gear reducer from India who have long design experience of special transmission. This enable them to  provide a standard planetary gearbox as well as custom-build planetary gearbox system as per customer requirement.

Main Product
  • Standard Planetary gearboxes foot / flange-mounted up to ratio 1726:1
  • Standard Planetary gearboxes output torque up to 500,000 Nm
  • Sugar Mill drive up to 1800 Kw / 6 Rpm
  • Bucket wheel for mining and material handling for stacker reclaimer
  • Creep speed unit for crane duty
  • Winch and hoist drives for compact transmission inside the rope drums
  • High precision gearboxes for servo controlled tracking and positioning
  • High speed gearboxes up to 30,000 Rpm, 500 Kw
  • Design and manufacture of special transmissions as per requirement


New product : Crystallizer drive in sugar mill industry saving Power 30-50%

Drive is a combination of multi-stage planetary and single-stage helical gear trains, all housed in a common enclosure. Its hollow output shaft with internal keyway makes the drives suitable for direct mounting onto the driven shaft, without any need to use external couplings, shrink discs, and mounting base frame.


Gearbox Service Check-Up

Additionally we are able to provide a gearbox service check-up, bearing check up,  lubrication and sealing check-up Or gearbox complete overhaul and repairing service. This service include gear machining parts for replacement as per customer requirement.

Gear MPL Madsod