We are an exclusive agent of “ENVIROPOL” from India who is a pioneer world-wide in supplying wet scrubbers to solve Air Pollution Control (APC) problems in sugar & other process Industries. Our team of engineers, having vast experience in project management, manufacturing, site construction and commissioning for more than 300 installations world wide.

Wet scrubber

Our innovation scrubber is “Fluidized Bed Scrubber” for arresting particulate even below 5 microns. The contaminated gas is brought in to intimate contact with curtain of water layer directed at right angle of gas flow through multi-orifice Nye Tray(s). While passing through the orifice of tray, the whole volume is divided in thousands of small streams, which are accelerated to impinge the water layer creating complete fluidization with allowable pressure drop of gas flow. When the micron sized particulate matter pass through the fluidized bed of water, they are entrapped in the bubbles due to differential density and get precipitated in scrubbing liquid. Clean gas swirls upward to outlet through double stage mist eliminators. Liquid with entrapped particles drains via bottom cone for solid-liquid separation through Mechanized Slurry De-watering Systems.


Wet Electrostatic Precepitators

WESP technology is gaining recognition due to its ability to capture sub-micron particulate. Outlet emission even below 10 mg/Nm3. An opportunity exists, for the user of operating Bio-mass Fired Boilers with Wet Scrubbers, to upgrade existing system to WESP. WESP has proved to be an effective and economical solution for air pollution control for the boiler being converted for multi fuel firing application.

Slurry De-watering Systems

Mechanized Slurry De-watering Systems : The slurry generated in scrubber is pumps to the Lamella Gravity Settler (LGS), the LGS is self contained package settling unit with a conical sludge hopper. The clarified liquid in LGS leaves the inclined plate assembly through orifices at the top and is distributed into collection channels leading to clarified water outlet for circulation back to the scrubber. The thick slurry from the hopper slurry flow to slow moving sludge dredger for separation and conveying of ash directly to trolley. Liquid thus separated from the dredger is pumped back to LGS.


Electrostatic Precepitators

An electrostatic precipitator is a device that removes particulate matters from the gas  stream, typically in the form of smoke after combustion occurs. An electrical charge is imparted to the particles, causing them to adhere to metal plates inside the precipitator. Finally, tapping the plates causes the particles to fall in to a bin for disposal. Within an electrostatic precipitator are collection plates or tubes charged with negative voltage, which dry harvest particulate and dust from polluted air, smoke and gases.


Bag Filters

Bag Filters has been developed for highly efficient of capturing ultra particulates for better emission control or product recovery for various process technologies.


Flash Dryer for Bagasse

Bagasse and its conservation has become a necessity for up coming sugar factories moving towards co-generation. Flash Dryers for Bagasse maximizes the generation of heat energy from available system through substantial reduction in moisture content.